The ribosomal tunnel as a functional environment for nascent polypeptide folding and translational stalling

Current Opinion in Structiral Biology, 2011, 21, Doi: 10.1016/,, published on 10.02.2011
Current Opinion in Structural Biology, online article
As the nascent polypeptide chain is being synthesized, it passes through a tunnel within the large ribosomal subunit and emerges at the solvent side where protein folding occurs. Despite the universality and conservation of dimensions of the ribosomal tunnel, a functional role for the ribosomal tunnel is only beginning to emerge: Rather than a passive conduit for the nascent chain, accumulating evidence indicates that the tunnel plays a more active role. In this article, we discuss recent structural insights into the role of the tunnel environment, and its implications for protein folding, co-translational targeting and translation regulation.  

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