Site-specific analysis of heteronuclear Overhauser effects in microcrystalline proteins

J Biomol NMR, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s10858-014-9843-1, Volume 59, Issue 4, pp 241-249 published on 03.07.2014
J Biomol NMR, online article
Relaxation parameters such as longitudinal relaxation are susceptible to artifacts such as spin diffusion, and can be affected by paramagnetic impurities as e.g. oxygen, which make a quantitative interpretation difficult. We present here the site-specific measurement of [1H]13C and [1H]15N heteronuclear rates in an immobilized protein. For methyls, a strong effect is expected due to the three-fold rotation of the methyl group. Quantification of the [1H]13C heteronuclear NOE in combination with 13C-R 1 can yield a more accurate analysis of side chain motional parameters. The observation of significant [1H]15N heteronuclear NOEs for certain backbone amides, as well as for specific asparagine/glutamine sidechain amides is consistent with MD simulations. The measurement of site-specific heteronuclear NOEs is enabled by the use of highly deuterated microcrystalline protein samples in which spin diffusion is reduced in comparison to protonated samples.  

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