Research Area A: Protein Biophysics and Imaging


Impact in modern protein research relies increasingly upon the application of advanced methods that provide quantitative mechanistic information regarding the function of proteins. The biophysics and imaging research area is formed by four groups with strong expertise in the development and application of cutting edge biophysical technologies. Within the proposed research cluster, these groups will team up with the protein specialists to achieve a deeper understanding of biological processes on all levels. Insight into protein function will be achieved through mechanical and optical methods. While ultrafast IR techniques yield unprecedented temporal resolution of protein dynamics as required for scientist working in the areas B and F, single molecule methods offer unique sensitivity and high spatial resolution as needed to examine the scientific problems addressed in the areas B through F. Mechanical methods will be used to manipulate and unravel the chemo-mechanical coupling in proteins. Single molecule optical techniques will be applied to track and study the function of single proteins in vitro and in live cells. Special emphasis will be given to the combination of optical and mechanical methods. To complement the existing expertise two young independent tenure track research groups will be installed.

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