The dosage compensation complex shapes the conformation of the X chromosome in Drosophila

Genes & Dev., 2009, 23, 2490-5 published on 26.08.2009
Genes & Development, online article
The dosage compensation complex (DCC) in Drosophila globally increases transcription from the X chromosome in males to compensate for its monosomy.We discovered a male-specific conformation of the X chromosome that depends on the associations of high-affinity binding sites (HAS) of the DCC. The core DCC subunits MSL1–MSL2 are responsible for this male-specific organization. Contrary to emerging concepts, we found that neither DCC assembly nor the conformation of the male X chromosome are influenced by nuclear pore components. We propose that nuclear organization of HAS is central to the faithful distribution of the DCC along the X chromosome.

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