No need for a power stroke in ISWI-mediated nucleosome sliding

EMBO reports, 2013, doi:10.1038/embor.2013.160, 14, 1092 - 1097 published on 11.10.2013
EMBO reports, online article
Nucleosome remodelling enzymes of the ISWI family reposition nucleosomes in eukaryotes. ISWI contains an ATPase and a HAND-SANT-SLIDE (HSS) domain. Conformational changes between these domains have been proposed to be critical for nucleosome repositioning by pulling flanking DNA into the nucleosome. We inserted flexible linkers at strategic sites in ISWI to disrupt this putative power stroke and assess its functional importance by quantitative biochemical assays. Notably, the flexible linkers did not disrupt catalysis. Instead of engaging in a power stroke, the HSS module might therefore assist DNA to ratchet into the nucleosome. Our results clarify the roles had by the domains and suggest that the HSS domain evolved to optimize a rudimentary remodelling engine.

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