Dynamic long-range chromatin interactions control Myb proto-oncogene transcription during erythroid development

The EMBO Journal, 2012, doi:10.1038/emboj.2011.450, 31, 986 - 999 published on 01.02.2012
The EMBO Journal, online article
The key haematopoietic regulator Myb is essential for coordinating proliferation and differentiation. ChIPSequencing and Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C)-Sequencing were used to characterize the structural and protein-binding dynamics of the Myb locus during erythroid differentiation. In proliferating cells expressing Myb, enhancers within the Myb-Hbs1l intergenic region were shown to form an active chromatin hub (ACH) containing the Myb promoter and first intron. This first intron was found to harbour the transition site from transcription initiation to elongation, which takes place around a conserved CTCF site. Upon erythroid differentiation, Myb expression is downregulated and the ACH destabilized.We propose a model for Myb activation by distal enhancers dynamically bound by KLF1 and the GATA1/TAL1/LDB1 complex, which primarily function as a transcription elongation element through chromatin looping.

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