Information for Junior Scientists and Researchers

One of the tasks of CIPSM is to promote junior scientists and researchers. This covers everything from including students in research plans at the various groups to supporting doctoral candidates and granting post-doctoral fellowships or time-limited contracts to junior scientists and researchers. In addition to receiving financing directly from CIPSM, young scientists and researchers also receive substantial financial support from means provided by the responsible university or third parties, such as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or other foundations.


Outstandingly qualified university graduates working towards their Ph.D. within the framework of a doctoral candidate contract make tremendous contributions to the ongoing research activities at CIPSM. The average timeframe for doctoral work is three years, and the average age of the candidates is around 30.


After receiving his/her Ph.D., a junior scientist or researcher can carry out a research project at CIPSM as part of a post-doctoral fellowship. In addition, there are temporary employment possibilities for junior scientists and researchers that last a maximum of five years.


As a rule, positions for junior scientists, researchers or professors are announced in science magazines. Nevertheless, those interested in a special research topic at a participating group of CIPSM should contact the group directly. Information on the ongoing research activities at CIPSM can be found on the CIPSM homepage under Research Areas.

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